Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heart Rocks, in Nature...

Heart rocks are natures magic gift. They are everywhere you are. Whether you are on a rocky coast, gravel drive or rock strewn path. Somewhere slightly hidden or even in plain sight are these little gifts from the earth. Many years ago I was in Downeast Maine and a friend of mine asked if I collected "Heart Rocks". I looked at him and asked what he was talking about. He said; "Once I tell you, you will never not see them again." He was right. It has become something I do without even thinking. My personal findings with Heartrocks are as follows .

1.Where there is one there is always three. Yes, always and they are within reach of where you are standing. Sometimes they may be behind you or even beside you but I have always found trio's of these little sweeties.

2.You may sometimes see them making up part of a stream, wall or cliff side. This size obviously can be photographed and then left in place!

3.Displaying Heartrocks is a personal affair. I like to scatter them in the pathways leading into my home. I keep a plate of them on my side table. Several usually grace a corner of my desk. They make fun table arrangements, paper weights and are curious pieces of art perched about the home in unexpected ways. No doubt about it Heartrocks are special, fun to find and they make amazing gifts.

I have some friends (mostly the younger set, or young at heart) that like to go Heartrock hunting with me on the rocky coast of Maine. We always find many, many Heartrocks of all sizes. The best part, it's a great way to spend the day, visit, laugh and the big bonus is you get to bring a few of these little treasures home to add to your collection. You can find Heartrocks composed of Granite, Shale, Sandstone, Sea Glass, Tin, Steel and many other materials.

It is a funny thing, I have found Heartrocks in all of these materials and it always fascinates me that these shapes occur through the wearing down and shaping of time. Nature taking its course and creating hearts is a truly magical gift.
So the next time you are out and about, look down and see if maybe a Heartrock isn't looking back up at you. Pick it up make a wish, and then take the time to look for the other two that were living with the one you found.


Bob Delaney said...

Very interesting post. Nature 'rocks'... sorry, couldn't help myself.

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said... delightful to stumble upon your blog and discover your thoughts on heart rocks. I, too, enjoy the fun of hunting for heart rocks. Mostly, though, it seems they discover me :-) Nature offers such an abundant outpouring of love and beauty to the keen eye...especially when it takes the shape of a heart rock. Please stop by my blog, The Heart Rock Collective - There's some amazing people that you'll be surprised to meet who share in joy of the 'hunt' for heart rocks.